Texture Me! for Secondlife

Texture Me! is the premier tool for colour shifting your images for Secondlife creators!

Want to make a plethora of colour variants for your latest product, then Texture Me! is for you!
Upload your base, and an optional overlay and configure a host of graphical options, to get a set of over 600 colour shifted variants of the finished product delivered to you in a ZIP file, in under 5 minutes!

As an opening special, we are selling 2 for 1 Tokens! Buy 1, get 2, By 5, get 10, Buy 10, get 20, Buy 20, get 40!


About Texture Me!

The best and fastest way to colour shift all your graphics for your in world creations!

This tool will take your base texture [in either PNG or JPG format], and allow you to overlay 1 transparent backed PNG image over the top, and then produces over 600 colour shifted and titled variants of the 2 combined images!

Check out the DEMO dump of what Texture Me! Produces here.

Texture Me! colour shifts your [for best effect use black and white] image into the following colours:

maroon, dark red, brown, firebrick, crimson, red, tomato, coral, indian red, light coral, dark salmon, salmon, light salmon, orange red, dark orange, orange, gold, dark golden rod, golden rod, pale golden rod, dark khaki, khaki, olive, yellow, yellow green, dark olive green, olive drab, lawn green, chartreuse, green yellow, dark green, green, forest green, lime, lime green, light green, pale green, dark sea green, medium spring green, spring green, sea green, medium aqua marine, medium sea green, light sea green, dark slate gray, teal, dark cyan, aqua, cyan, light cyan, dark turquoise, turquoise, medium turquoise, pale turquoise, aqua marine, powder blue, cadet blue, steel blue, corn flower blue, deep sky blue, dodger blue, light blue, sky blue, light sky blue, midnight blue, navy, dark blue, medium blue, blue, royal blue, blue violet, indigo, dark slate blue, slate blue, medium slate blue, medium purple, dark magenta, dark violet, dark orchid, medium orchid, purple, thistle, plum, violet, magenta / fuchsia, orchid, medium violet red, pale violet red, deep pink, hot pink, light pink, pink, antique white, beige, bisque, blanched almond, wheat, corn silk, lemon chiffon, light golden rod yellow, light yellow, saddle brown, sienna, chocolate, peru, sandy brown, burly wood, tan, rosy brown, moccasin, navajo white, peach puff, misty rose, lavender blush, linen, old lace, papaya whip, sea shell, mint cream, slate gray, light slate gray, light steel blue, lavender, floral white, alice blue, ghost white, honeydew, ivory, azure, snow, black, dim gray, gray, dark gray, silver, light gray, gainsboro, white smoke, white

How much does this cost?

All prices are in $ Lindens, and all purchases are final and no refunds will be issued.


Single Token

  • over 600 colour shifted variants of your image + overlay
  • 1 token to produce 1 texture set

5 Tokens

  • over 600 colour shifted variants of your image + overlay
  • 5 tokens to produce 5 different texture sets

10 Tokens

  • over 600 colour shifted variants of your image + overlay
  • 10 tokens to produce 10 different texture sets

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