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The Creators HUD Maker Pro

The first 100% drag and drop, zero notecard HUD maker system.

100% Drag and drop.

The grid's first professional grade HUD maker with ZERO notecards needed!

Not just a Texture HUD

You can set textures, messages to the user or even open web pages! You have Colour shifting and Alpha tools, Switch on or off Animations [great for poses etc], Transparency buttons [for show / hide of features], Unlimited independant unpacker buttons, The ability to control up to 9 different objects from the SAME HUD [great for sets etc] You can also set up non actioning buttons for banners / non clickables in your HUD.

100 Predefined Channels

You specify which channel each HUD works on, from 0 to 99. These are pre-defined negative value channels to increase security and reduce lag.

Each HUD is fully customisable

You can change each button size, location on the HUD and any unused button's will auto hide when you are complete! You can define between 1 and 100 buttons!


You can specify whether you wish your object to be rezzable in the world, or ONLY worm! If you enable Rez-Guard, then if someone tries to rez the product, it will politely remind them to add it instead of rezzing, and self terminate the product!

Demo Mode

You can enable Demo Mode! for your product - that will allow you to specify when it will self terminate, and it has a colour changing hover text showing it is a Demo! You can set it to 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes time out!

Unpacker Mode

You can define any button to be an unpacker! This means your HUD can be your delivery system, notecard giver and you can have as many different unpackers on the one HUD as you like!

Colour Shifter

This feature allows you to set up 2 different sections of your build you can colour shift! You can select multiple faces / link ID's for each colour shift!

Alpha Tools

Gives you 2 sections you can apply separate alpha tools. This allows you to effect the alpha [transparency], glow, shine and full bright for both sections - You can select multiple faces / link ID's for each alpha tool shift!

Transparency Buttons

You can define any button to be a "Transparency" Button - with a variable transparency from 100% [fully visible] to 0% [fully hidden]. You can select multiple faces / link ID's so you can easily show / hide features of your product with a single click!

Animation Button

This feature allows you to play a single animation in a toggle format - click on / click off.Simple fast and efficient - great if you do not want to include a Pose Stand for people to sculpt and modify things!

New Features being added all the time!

Updates are free, and we are bringing out new features all the time!



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